Since 1994, AVC Aphasie Laurentides has been working with dedication and passion to provide essential support to individuals affected by aphasia and strokes in the Laurentides region. Founded by Ms. Marie-France Leden and a group of dedicated caregivers, our nonprofit association has grown through their hard work and unwavering commitment. 

Over the years, our expertise has spread across the Laurentides, reaching more and more people who have survived strokes with or without aphasia. Our mission has also expanded to include essential psychosocial support for family members, recognizing that their well-being is crucial for the recovery and flourishing of each individual. 

At AVC Aphasie Laurentides, we are here to accompany, support, and assist you in your recovery journey. Together, we can overcome challenges and discover new possibilities. Join us at AVC Aphasie Laurentides, where growth is at the heart of our mission. 

Our History

AVC Aphasie Laurentides has charted its path with determination and passion, expanding its reach and providing essential services to individuals who have survived strokes with or without aphasia in the Laurentides region. We will continue to grow and support all those in need of assistance and guidance. 

On October 18th, birth of GRPA (Relief Group for Aphasic Individuals) thanks to Ms. Marie France Leden and dedicated caregivers from the Drapeau-Deschambault Center in Sainte-Thérèse. A therapeutic group is established for aphasic individuals receiving speech therapy.

On April 16th, Ms. Marie France Leden, accompanied by several dedicated caregivers, officially found the Groupe Relève pour Personnes Aphasiques (GRPA). This group was created to increase effectiveness and promote autonomy, allowing them to serve an even larger number of aphasic individuals. But that’s not all, GRPA also took on the mission of providing essential support to their family members. A wonderful initiative that demonstrates unwavering commitment to the aphasic community and their loved ones.

On August 18th, we become Groupe Relève pour Personnes Aphasiques Laurentides (GRPAL), expanding our service offering on a regional scale. A new chapter begins, driven by our commitment to the aphasic community of the Laurentides. Together, we build a future full of solidarity and hope. 

On September 16th, a new service point was established in Mont-Laurier (MRC Antoine-Labelle). Since then, we’ve been pleased to welcome you day after day to this location that remains open and accessible to this day. 

On March 30th, during a special general assembly, the organization changes its name to better encompass individuals who have survived a stroke. It becomes Groupe Relève pour Personnes Aphasiques/AVC Laurentides (GRPAAL).

In September, GRPAAL extends its services to Sainte-Adèle by offering workshops every Thursday.

In April, the “Au Cœur de Soi” project begins, funded by Appui Laurentides, for caregivers of seniors who have survived a stroke. Psychosocial meetings, individual training, respite, and conferences are offered.

In July, GRPAAL realizes its dream by relocating its main location to Boisbriand, thus offering welcoming and accessible spaces for individuals with reduced mobility as well as caregivers.

GRPAAL introduces a new 2 to 3-hour respite service at home for caregivers, thanks to financial support from CISSSL, aiming to prevent burnout. 

In September, GRPAAL officially adopts the name AVC Aphasie Laurentides, reflecting its ongoing commitment to the community.