Autonomous Community Action (ACA) is a dynamic and participatory form of civic engagement focused on the needs and aspirations of local communities. It represents an important voice in the construction of a more inclusive, egalitarian, and democratic society. 

ACA is built upon the mobilization of citizens to address the specific needs and challenges of their community. 

And yet…

The 8 criteria of autonomous community action

The first four criteria apply to all community action organisations: 

  • Have non-profit status
  • Be rooted in its community
  • Maintain a democratic and associative life
  • Be free to determine its mission, orientations, approaches, and practices.

There are four additional criteria for autonomous community action organizations (ACA):

  • They must have been set up on the initiative of people in the community.
  • Pursue a specific social mission that promotes social change
  • Demonstrate civic-minded practices and broad approaches, focusing on the global nature of the issues addressed
  • Be governed by a board of directors that is independent of the public network