Our mission

At AVC Aphasie Laurentides, our mission is a true passion that fuels each of our actions. We are driven by deep values that guide our commitment to our members and the community we serve. 

Our mission is to bring together and support individuals who have survived strokes with or without aphasia. We are committed to creating an environment where respect, freedom, harmony, and empathy are the cornerstones of our work. Through our dedication and the use of stimulating activities that promote social integration, we form a united community where each individual has their place, and together, we walk hand in hand toward a better life. 

Our values

Respect: We value and respect the abilities, limits, and pace of each person. We celebrate differences and accept others as they are, recognizing that each person brings a unique richness to our community. 

Freedom: We grant the freedom to choose participation in the activities we offer and involvement within AVC Aphasie Laurentides. We believe in the importance of allowing each individual to decide their own path of growth. 

Harmony: We aim to create a space where our members feel understood, welcomed, and supported. We foster a positive attitude and encourage an atmosphere of mutual assistance and sharing within our group. 

Honesty: We promote honest conduct and genuine intentions among our members. We believe that transparency and integrity are essential for building strong relationships. 

Compassion: We are deeply aware of the pain and challenges that each person may face. We show compassion and empathy toward our members, offering unconditional support throughout their journey. 

Willingness to Communicate: In times of conflict, we encourage open and respectful communication. We are ready to listen and resolve issues constructively, with the goal of maintaining a harmonious environment. 

At AVC Aphasie Laurentides, our commitment to these values is unwavering. We are a community united by respect and empathy, working together to build a better future. 

Our objectives

Creating a Place of Sharing and Flourishing 

At AVC Aphasie Laurentides, our objective is to offer you a true living space where exchanges are privileged. Whether you have survived a stroke with or without aphasia, our welcoming community is here to embrace you. 

We provide a variety of dynamic activities that help you maintain the progress you achieved during your rehabilitation. Through language, motor, artistic, physical, and social activities, we aim to provide opportunities for you to thrive. 

By fostering a strong sense of belonging to our group, we aim to break the isolation often associated with the aftermath of strokes. We believe in the importance of creating strong connections among our members, facilitating the sharing of experiences, mutual encouragement, and precious moments of support. 

We are also committed to raising awareness about aphasia and strokes in our community. We want these conditions to be better known and understood, promoting inclusion and encouraging compassionate support from the community. 

And because we understand the crucial role that families play in this journey, we offer them our unwavering support. Through active listening and shared experiences, we aim to accompany families in their journey, providing comfort, advice, and a space where they feel understood and supported. 

At AVC Aphasie Laurentides, our goal is to provide you with much more than mere support. We are here to create a united community, a place where you can flourish, share, and grow together. Join us, where smiles, friendships, and progress come together to create a genuine human experience.