Our team is comprised of passionate and dedicated individuals who bring their expertise to the service of our mission. They work tirelessly to provide high-quality services to individuals affected by stroke, with or without aphasia, all while ensuring our organization continues to grow and evolve. Their visionary leadership and deep understanding of the issues related to these challenges are invaluable assets to our cause. 

The Board of Directors also plays an essential role in the governance of our organization. Comprising skilled and diverse members, they make informed decisions that guide our actions and projects. These devoted individuals share a common interest in enhancing the quality of life for those affected by stroke, with or without aphasia. Their contribution and support are priceless in achieving our objectives and making a meaningful impact within our community. 

Together, our team and Board of Directors form a resilient and determined group. We are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals affected by stroke, with or without aphasia, by providing essential services and raising awareness within the population. 

Head office


Chief Executive Officer 

jade cyr-pilon

Clinical Director 

Survivor Services


Community Worker 
450-974-1888 ext. 105  

julie bouchard

Community Animator and social integration teacher  
450-974-1888 ext. 106  

Chantal Bellemare

North sector coordinator and social integration teacher 

Micheline larose

In charge of the Antoine-Labelle RCM and social integration teacher 

Pierre-Luc Gauthier

Social integration teacher 

Eugénelle Goyette

Social integration teacher 

Micheline Duquette

Social integration teacher 

Pierre Laverdière

Social integration teacher 

Christiane Malo

Social integration teacher 

Mérédith Bujold-leduc

Social integration teacher 

lisa kowalski

Social integration teacher 

Services for caregivers – Au coeur de soi


Social Worker 
450-974-1888 ext. 104 

julie paquette

Social Worker 
450-974-1888 ext. 104 

mérédith bujold-leduc

Social Worker 
450-974-1888 ext. 103 

Services for caregivers – Là pour toi

sonia kelly

Support worker 

kïarra fréchette

Support worker 

Our Board of Directions

Isabelle Lampron

Chair of the Board 

Monique Dagenais

Vice Chair of the Board 

Lise Vaudry-Thibault


caroline levert


Louise Brunelle


Liette Dunberry